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Action plan aims to cut road carnage

NATIONWIDE: Deadly highway blackspots, speed limits and vehicle safety systems are the key targets of a new national action plan designed to curb road deaths.

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Bangkok Post

Monday 10 October 2016, 09:34AM

A motorcycle lies on the road in Pathum Thani’s Muang district after it rear-ended a parked Volvo. A 21-year-old female pillion rider was killed. Photo: Apichit Jinakul
A motorcycle lies on the road in Pathum Thani’s Muang district after it rear-ended a parked Volvo. A 21-year-old female pillion rider was killed. Photo: Apichit Jinakul

The Transport Ministry announced the comprehensive road safety plan in a bid to reduce the road toll – the world’s second highest per capita – and stem an estimated B200 billion in annual economic losses.

Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning director Chaiwat Tongkamkoon said the plan was drawn up in collaboration with related agencies and will be implemented between now and next year.

Mr Chaiwat said the plan focuses on five measures: managing traffic information and accidents; improving road design; raising vehicle safety standards; encouraging road users to drive safely; and enhancing emergency responses.

Existing transport safety centres will become coordination and management centres to share information about road accidents. They will be tasked with formulating policies to address road safety.

Crash investigators will be assigned to examine areas which are prone to deadly accidents and determine the causes.

Road designs will be examined and improved to enhance safety. This includes rest areas for trucks and buses, installation of safety barriers and improving railway crossings.

Inter-provincial passenger vans will be equipped with cameras, speed monitoring devices and an anti-distraction system. Child car seats will be made mandatory and motorcycles will be equipped with speed limiters.

Varying speed limits will be imposed on urban roads, rural roads, highways and express-ways. Local administration organisations will determine speed limits in areas under their jurisdictions.

Operators of the passenger buses and vans will also be asked to buy additional insurance to cover road accident victims. A co-payment system is likely to be introduced to ensure the operators’ cooperation.

Mr Chaiwat said there were 69,371 road accidents last year, a 10 per cent increase from the year before. A total of 6,268 people were killed and 18,160 injured.

Speed is the top cause of road accidents, accounting for 72.7% of all crashes, followed by changing lanes in an unsafe manner (8.89%) and driver fatigue (4.98%).

The top three roads with most accidents are Highway 338 (Arun Amarin-Phutthamonthon Soi 4) with 412, Rangsit-Wat Naboon Rd with 197, and Highway 1 (Thupateme-Khlong Luang) with 175.

According to the latest World Health Organisation survey, Thailand has the second-highest number of road deaths per capita. The country also has the highest motorcycle death rate, with 26.3 killed from every 100,000 people.

On average, between one and two people are killed every hour. The economic damage is estimated at B200 billion a year, or about 1.7% of GDP.

The plan was unveiled after Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith revealed last week the government was planning tougher drink-driving laws.

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The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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LES | 22 October 2016 - 19:47:01

It needs to be enforced with action not only with words, but there is never any will for the former. Education in schools is also important as some Thai people dont seem to see the dangers or are responsible. As for foreigners, they should know better and take a careful look before hiring any form of transport whilst visiting the Kingdom. 

The Phuket News

Kurt | 12 October 2016 - 09:43:55

As mentioned in article that Thailand has highest motorcycle death rate in the world, yes, than it is time to have speed limiters on motorbikes.
When I drive 75km/h on By Pass Road., 125 cc motorbikes with under aged kids without helmet pass by with about 90km/h.
Such motorbike is not designed for that speed.
In many European countries is the speed limiter on such motorbike giving you up to max 40km/h.
And on parking lots of large Shopping centers are near the motorbike parking mobile police roller bank stations to test the motorbike, see or speed limiter is not removed.
If speed limiter removed, you can kiss your motorbike good bye, than it goes for scrapping.
Parents of under aged kids, kids without driving license, should be fined at least 3000 thb when their kid drives illegal motorbike.
A 2nd offence by same kid, parents again such a fine and motorbike confiscated, for scrapping or auction.

As long Thailand not update fine system and start (!) law enforcement in order to make violators to think twice, nothing will change in this country.

May be that is what the people of Thailand want? No changes?

The Phuket News

Rocky | 12 October 2016 - 07:16:38

No mention of enforcement..Total waste of time implementing changes without substantial law enforcement..Also no mention of compulsory 
driver training of which there is NONE in this country..

The Phuket News

Kurt | 11 October 2016 - 08:19:56

The only 'action plan' needed is pro active Law enforcement by RTP!
Many of planned actions are reactive/responsive.

Varying speed limits? Here is no limit, just 'fast as you can'.
Cars without registration plates.
No driving license ? No problem, if police catch you accidentally, you get a fine recu, and with that you can drive freely the rest of the day.

The Phuket News

malczx7r | 10 October 2016 - 15:07:45

About time, lets see if they can get the traffic police in Phuket to do their job now! Though the statement "Encourage road users to drive more safely" is a bit of a joke, law enforcement is what they need, they know the rules just the lack of enforcement means no-one follows them!

The Phuket News

Ed Sanders | 10 October 2016 - 14:37:31

You can't fix a broken system with a broken system.  Of all these measures, I am flabbergasted that there is not ONE mention of increased enforcement.  In essence, probably one of the most effective measures would be aggressive law enforcement, because Thais know that they can do as they wish on the roads with impunity, because Thai police are impotent and irrelevant...everyone knows they just don't matter.  Ask anyone from the US or Europe or Australia what happens when you see a cop in the mirror, it sends a panic through you that you might get caught breaking the law, because the financial implications are substantial.  Just more silly lip service that will yierld ZERO results.

The Phuket News
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