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Abstracting the meaning of art

PHUKET: Jayda Ponlid is a lady who is hard to define, and not only by occupation, which she currently lists as artist, model, jewellery designer, and artistic food creator.

By Jody Houton

Monday 24 September 2012, 09:26AM

Phuket-born Jayda has owned her eponymous studio for more than five years, and although she creates art herself, she also sells a good deal, including artwork created by her boyfriend and fellow artist, Thiwa Singha.

Although Thiwa now makes most of his money from creating wax renderings of jewellery designs so they may later be turned into pieces, his artistic career started in a rather unique and humble way back in his hometown of Nakhon Sawan.

“He learned his art apprenticeship from the guys who used to paint the movie posters,” said Jayda.

Although less commonly seen today, in the pre-print past minivans that drove around showcasing a hand-painted movie poster were incredibly popular ways to advertise the latest cinematic release.

She explained that this artistic route was quite common for Thais from a working class background, “Going to art college is very expensive in Thailand, so this was like his education and apprenticeship.”

“It was very serious,” explained Jayda, “He had to mop his master’s brow and everything like that. It was very much like an old Chinese movie.”

Each poster would take around half a day to do, and for every movie they would make five posters, one for every ‘movie van’ that would drive around.

Thanyapura Football

Jayda herself creates art and has been interested since she was a child. Unfortunately her artistic enthusiasm was not always matched by her father.

“I remember drawing on the walls in charcoal because I wanted to make it pretty, but obviously he didn’t like it.”

However, Jayda’s love affair with art has continued unabated. Her whole life is of artistic expression, including her food. (Speaking of which, keep your eyes on the Dining section in coming weeks).

She believes that Phuket art is rather distinctive, “There’s a lot of variety and many different styles. It’s much different when compared to Chiang Mai, for example. It contains many more vivid colours”.

Ms Jayda often takes ‘her’ art to Bangkok, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia as she admits her rather unique style does not always appeal to Phuketians.

“It’s hard to explain abstract art to many local Thai people. They don’t really understand it. Elephants, yes! They can recognise that and understand that, but anything else... not really.”

Jayda Art Studio, 17 Yaowarat Road, 089 289 8852.

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