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A woman’s right to choose (to be intimately white)

There’s been heated debate over vagina whitening since feminine bleaching product Clean and Dry Intimate Wash hit the Indian market earlier this year. Now the issue has hit closer to home with the launch of Lactacyd White Intimate in Thailand.

By Coconuts Bangkok

Monday 1 October 2012, 12:17PM

The Bangkok Post reported that Sanofi Aventis (Thailand), the French company behind the whitening feminine wash product “revealed that the value of the feminine wash product market in Thailand is growing by around 10-15% a year, and will reach B500 million this year.”

As a young woman who is active in all areas of life, I really don’t see what the big deal is. After all, anal bleaching has been around for ages and it’s not just for porn stars. If we can accept one sex organ getting the Michael Jackson color treatment, then why not vaginas too?

Maybe some people are simply bothered by the idea of women whitening their va-jay-jays because it reflects a lack of self-confidence. Bear in mind that Sanofi Aventis has allocated B80 million on TV and radio commercials and marketing campaigns to persuade women across Thailand that their genitalia needs to be fixed and that perfection is just four weeks away.

Personally, I’m not opposed to women wanting to bleach their nether regions. Just make sure you know what the possible side effects are. As for bringing more excitement to your pussycat, there are loads of other options out there. You can always try waxing a thunder bolt butterfly the next time you visit a salon. That is, if you have any hair left from the last good-bye muff trend. Some of you may have lasered it off completely, in which case you may consider getting a “dirty tattoo.”

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