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A traditionally festive feast

Friday 23 December 2011, 04:49PM

Angus O’Tool’s head chef Maurice Deveney.

Angus O’Tool’s head chef Maurice Deveney.

Maurice Deveney will be delivering a feast of traditional Christmas food on Sunday to customers at Angus O’Tool’s Irish pub in Karon, just as he has the past nine years.

“I get into the Christmas spirit and I enjoy the buzz – it’s busy and there’s a bit of pressure, which I like.”

Englishman Maurice is the head chef and co-owner at the Irish pub, and the Christmas Day menu will include either a prawn cocktail or melon with port as starters, followed by the traditional roast turkey complete with vegetables, stuffing and brussels sprouts.

Dessert consists of Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, and the whole meal costs B595.


“It’s very relaxed. People come here because they know this place has a good reputation.”
In preparation for the 100 or so customers Maurice expects on Christmas Day, he will have to cook 15 turkeys.

He first takes all the turkey meat off the bone, and “boil roasts” it (roasting it in a pan with water at the bottom).
This ensures the cooking time is kept to a minimum and the meat comes out tender and moist.

The experienced chef, originally from Birmingham, has been in Thailand for 12 years, and Angus O’Tools in Karon has been open for nine years. He began his first cooking job as a way to make money to pay for tickets to football matches, but discovered a talent. These days has a raft of experience as head chef behind his name.

He has worked at large hotels and restaurants in the United Kingdom and has even cooked for the Queen Mother – so his Christmas Day feast is guaranteed to be delicious.

 Angus O’Tool’s Irish Pub, 516/20 Patak Rd, Soi Islandia, Karon. Reservations are recommended for the Christmas Day event though walk-ins may also be possible.

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