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A journey through Negeri Sembilan

Last week, I told the first part of my journey through one of Malaysia’s 13 states, Negeri Sembilan, and how I had arrived and began my exploration of Dusun resort and the natural wonders that abound there.

Sunday 3 January 2016, 03:00PM

Dasha Suleyman

Inside one of the units at Perling (one of the houses at the resort) there weren’t many things to be honest, but, it looked cosy with its snow-white bed covered by a translucent canopy.

It was beautiful and unusual in this wooden-style house. But obviously its actual use was to protect the guests from mosquitoes and other insects. I guess that’s the main creature that would be of a bother here.

“We have a few rules, one of them is the ban of any crazy parties, as well as not disturbing any of the other inhabitants staying at Dusun,” said the lovely hotel staffer Asmaq, who was also my guide. It was evident that this rule is probably what makes the hotel so special. And, probably why it received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2013.

“And now I’ll show you the deers. One of them was delivered a couple of weeks ago,” she added. I thought I misheard. But, we walked down the hill and ended up in front of a paddock with just a giant tree in the middle, and funnily enough, not a single deer.

Within a few seconds, I suddenly noticed an ear-shape appear from behind the tree, and then, his black staring eyes looked up at me and I soon realised that I could see the whole deer!

Although the deer wasn’t that close to me, I could still see the whole deer’s family, including the ever-so-cute two-week-old that reminded me of Bambi, the delightful Disney character that I’m sure many my age remember from their childhood.

There were two mature females and one male with a huge rack of antlers. It’s unfair that he has two girls, isn’t it? But all things considered, that probably wasn’t so alarming for the locals.

“These animals live in Dusun and children enjoy touching them,” Asmaq said. I wanted to touch them too, but apparently I scared them, it seems that scared animals never come near me! Oh, not including other jungle inhabitants though, like snakes, for instance.

After my walk with Asmaq, I went and sat on the terrace and suddenly one lady who was working there screamed and pointed at the flower just next to me. It took some time to distinguish what it was, but I realised it was a very still grey snake.

I still have no idea if it was poisonous or not, but I guess the shocked screaming orang asli (indigenous) woman knew it better. Anyway, I went a little closer for a second so I could take a photo of this dangerous creature, but just for a second! Their unexpected visits and surprises on us, are perhaps one of the disadvantages of living in the jungle, far from civilisation!

Heading for the city
By each evening, the Dusun staff pack up and leave everyone to it. Every day from 7pm, guests stay on their own. Cee, who runs the resort, and his family are still here, but there is a rule not to disturb hosts in the evening. So if you were unlucky to miss the dinner at Dusun, then you probably need Muhammed who can drive you to Seremban where you can easily find some Malay, Indian or any other food.

It started to grow dusky while I was sitting on a terrace of a small wooden house with Cee’s faithful hound Maya laying at my feet. And sadly, it was time to leave, which I didn’t want at all. But, there were new adventures waiting for me in Kuala Lumpur.

I’m planning to return to Dusun and hopefully stay a little longer with a bunch of friends who, I believe, will enjoy such a unique place and all the kind people living there.

For more information visit thedusun.com.my

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