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DSI pursuing corruption charges over The Peaks condo project, says MP Sira

DSI pursuing corruption charges over The Peaks condo project, says MP Sira

PHUKET: Bangkok MP Sira Jenjaka, who also serves as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights, yesterday revealed that the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has filed a formal request with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to prosecute Phuket officials over the construction of The Peaks Residences condo project in Kata, on Phuket’s southwest coast.

By The Phuket News

Monday 13 July 2020, 01:04PM

The NACC will invite relevant parties to provide additional information, MP Sira said during his visit to the island yesterday (July 12).

He also requested all people who have paid monies to the project developer as deposits or full payment for condominium units at The Peaks to inform the Commission on Legal, Justice and Human Rights.

MP Sira inspected the site, overlooking Kata Noi Bay, yesterday morning to confirm whether or not construction had been halted in accordance with a ban on all further building until investigations into the condo project had concluded.

It had not. Construction had continued at the site despite the ban, MP Sira said, adding to the long list of charges the project developer is now facing.

MP Sira repeated the case history of the project to the press while at the site yesterday, starting with the fact that the Nakhon Sri Thammarat Regional Administrative Court already handed down its verdict to revoke land document NorSor 3 Kor No. 1863 used to launch the project.

“The NorSor 3 Kor was issued unlawfully and has been revoked by the Department of Lands. At this stage, the appeal is now being heard by the Supreme Administrative Court,” he said.

MP Sira added that the DSI had conducted its own investigation into the authenticity of the land document, and also found that it had been issued illegally.

“Karon Municipality was responsible for suspending construction at the site, and for canceling the construction permit,” he said.

“Karon Municipality did not do that. Instead they renewed the construction permit on the basis of holding B3 million as collateral [for any damages that might need correcting in the future]. They had no authority to do that,” MP Sira said.

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MP Sira also pointed out that the project was built on areas where the hillside slope is greater than 35°, which in itself is illegal.

“Therefore, the action of local officials, especially Karon Municipality, can be considered as wrongdoing by an official authority under the Criminal Code,” he said.

MP Sira also pointed out that he had been informed by local residents living below the site that the construction of the project had increased the risk of their homes flooding during heavy rains – another aspect he was in Phuket to inspect for himself yesterday.

"The forest in the area has been affected by the condo project, where construction has not been suspended in accordance with an official order. People living in the lower areas are affected by landslides and floods,” he said.

“When there is heavy rainfall, there are no trees to slow down the speed of water flowing downhill before it reaches public roadways and the beach below,” he added.

“From our inspection, we found evidence of landslides and flooding. Some bricks from the construction site had even been found washed downhill,” MP Sira said.

MP Sira earlier this month was acquitted of accusations that had interfered with local officials’ handling of the project.

Seven out of eight Constitutional Court judges last week ruled that Mr Sira did not do any wrongdoing in his highlighting of the investigation into the project, following a total of 57 MPs filing a request to terminate Mr Sira’s status as an MP as he stood accused of breaching Section 185 (1) of the Constitution, which bans any MP from interfering with officials performing their duties.

The names of the 57 MPs who signed the complaint were not publicly disclosed.

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Kurt | 14 July 2020 - 11:13:06

It is very much time to have Orbor Tor elections. The 6 years serving present 'Officials' in power is to long already . They all established their own undemocratic 'kingdoms'.  Their present 6 years ruling is very much in contrast with the period of average time a Governor serves on Phuket ( 1.5 years) for reasons well known.

Rorri_2 | 14 July 2020 - 11:09:45

WE know what happens if someone "pushes" too hard, they "disappear," or run for their lives.. they get no support from the top, and we know the reason.

Kurt | 14 July 2020 - 10:22:15

... The National security threat comes from within the highest Government level!...

Kurt | 14 July 2020 - 10:21:04

How could 57 MP's file a request/complain that Mr. Sira with interfering with 'Officials' performing their duties? The opposite is a fact! For 5 years these 'Officials' were not performing their duties. And why are the these 57 MP'not publicly named/disclosed?  It are 57 persons threatening the 'national trust and security'. The National Security threat comes from w...

LALALA | 14 July 2020 - 09:13:05

Another Example why you should never buy any property in LO.

Timothy | 14 July 2020 - 08:41:58

Mr. Sira. Please stay in Phuket. You have a lifetime of work to do here. The National Park is full of illegal hotels. The beaches are covered with illegal businesses, including jet skis. All the vendors paying some corrupt official or another. Maybe you can look into why these guys are in their positions for life. I thought there was a time limit on them being in power. 

Nasa12 | 14 July 2020 - 07:45:51

Take a look close fire station in Kata, building a big hotel/ apartment in 75% up in the mountains. 

Kurt | 14 July 2020 - 00:09:04

NACC should not invite! NACC should order! 'Inviting' is time consuming  & problem avoiding. Gives room for more delay & corruption, something what  here is clearly the case. Is the present Karon/Kata Mayor still the same man who was years ago arrested for malpractise, but silently returned in function that time? It is time for local elections now. No reason at all to delay that an...

Capricornball | 13 July 2020 - 23:51:01

Go Khun Sira! My fingers are crossed that this case will proceed as it should, and that all those dirty dealers involved in the illegal activities are held accountable. Hopefully this sets a precedence for many more citizens going after local officials for allowing the destruction of their towns and communities. Mr. Sira needs to come up to Kamala too.


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