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2014 Japan dolphin slaughter season arrives

PHUKET: September 1 is here, which means that hundreds of Japanese fishermen in Taiji are out on their boats ready for the hunt, for thousands of cetaceans (of the Cetacea order which includes dolphins, wales and porpoises).

By The Phuket News

Monday 1 September 2014, 09:15AM

Killed pilot wales in hvalba, Faroe islands. Photo: Citypeek

Killed pilot wales in hvalba, Faroe islands. Photo: Citypeek

Sadly, for those doomed intelligent creatures, and all the millions in the world who oppose their murder and capture, the following “slaughter quota” has been announced, with fishermen of Taiji having been allocated the following 1,938 cetaceans for 2014/2015 hunting season:

•134 Pacific white-sided dolphins;
•450 Striped dolphins;
•509 Bottlenose dolphins;
•400 Pantropical spotted dolphins;
•261 Risso’s dolphin;
•114 Short-finned pilot whales;
•70 False killer whales.

What’s not slaughtered in cold blood, inside/outside the above quota, will be captured and shipped to dolphin shows around the world, possibly to Phuket’s planned attraction.

For more information about the situation in Phuket, read about the recent meeting among eco leaders, as well as this story about sceenings of The Cove and this story that broke the news of a Dolphin Show being launched on the island. 

QSI International School Phuket

And as for how you can make a difference, no matter where you are, read this article, rich with links to petitions and actions. 

Also, be sure to tune in to the Live Stream of Rick O'Barry's Dolphin Project right here.

While much of the spotlight is on Japan, it should be noted that the hunting of thousands of Cetasians is also taking place elsewhere in the world, openly, especially in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic.

Yesterday, it was reported that 14 activisits from Sea Shepherd were arrested after attempting to prevent the slaughter of dolphins in the hunt near Denmark. Story here.



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