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Phuket Police charge British boyfriend for death of Sophie Anderson

PHUKET: British national Danny Glass from Margate in Kent, England, has been charged with reckless driving causing the death of his long-term partner, British mum Sophie Emma Rose Anderson.

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The Phuket News

Wednesday 17 May 2017, 05:28PM

Phuket expat Danny Glass, from Margate in England, has been charged for the death of Sophie Anderson, who was six months pregnant with his child when she was crushed by a truck in Phuket last Monday (May 8). Image: Sun Fruit Dan / YouTube
Phuket expat Danny Glass, from Margate in England, has been charged for the death of Sophie Anderson, who was six months pregnant with his child when she was crushed by a truck in Phuket last Monday (May 8). Image: Sun Fruit Dan / YouTube

Ms Anderson was riding pillion when Mr Glass lost control of the scooter they were riding on after he braked suddenly to avoid ramming into the back of a car, that he said had braked suddenly Monday last week (May 8).

Ms Anderson fell onto the road and was run over by an 18-wheeled truck driven by Nattawoot Kimchue, 30, from Thai Muang in Phang Nga Province. (Se story here.)

She was six months pregnant, with Mr Glass as the father.

Ms Anderson was also mother to 5-year-old Shaye, from a previous relationship. Young Shaye lived with her and Mr Glass in Phuket, but has since been taken to live with his father in Bangkok. (See story here.)

“Both men are being held responsible for the death of Ms Anderson, because both were driving recklessly,” Lt Col Sanit Nookong of Thalang Police station confirmed to The Phuket News today (May 17).

“The drivers have already been charged,” he affirmed.

“Right now, the investigation is not yet closed because we are still waiting for the autopsy to be released. Then they will go to court,” Col Sanit added.

The case echoes an incident in early February in which Australian tourist Thomas Keating, 22, was charged with reckless driving causing death after an accident that resulted in the death of his girlfriend Emily Jayne Collie, 20.

The two crashed their separate jet-skis into each other off Kata Beach in southern Phuket, Ms Collie sustained severe injuries in the crash which later claimed her life.

Mr Keating was handed down a two-year suspended jail sentence and fined B5,000 after pleading guilty to the charge. (See story here).



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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Kurt | 18 May 2017 - 19:00:29

Many times eagle not understand things, as he write so many times.
I mentioned Mr Jatupat, and BangkokPost did it also, because of getting a prestigious International Human Rights Award.
Does eagle understand what that means?

I do not know what eagle means with critic mr Jatupat about... "Among other things".
Yes, we talk here about freedom of speech in the year 2017!

To compare that with a denial of the 1939-1945 holocaust is complete out of line.
How can one compare freedom of speech with denial of Holocaust. Complete of the road!
eagle should read the comments in BangkokPost and react there if he has the guts. 
But he doesn't, coz there he will get 'cold showers' from no nonsense people who eat him raw.

And eagle again just cherry picked something out of my writing.
Conveniently he not react on my writing about the Benz racing boy and Boss Redbull.
That are the guys who should be behind bars for many years already, not a thai prestigious international price winner who stands for freedom of speech and press!
Nothing mr Jatupat wrote is not true! That is why he receives this Award.
Again, the truth has longer legs than the lie, even a reaction of someone who swerve/put down around reality of honouring mr Jatupat can not be taken serious.

eagle seems not to understand that mr Jatupat rises above the local shrimp thinking. 
He thinks cosmopolitical, and for that he is in thai jail.
A international highly respected person.

Actually Thailand needs persons like mr Jatupat, a man with principles and back bone. 
A man who stands for something. 
His time will come. He has a lot support. Even international as we see now.

The Phuket News

Jor12 | 18 May 2017 - 18:18:24

Kurt...what have your nonsense comments got to do with a motor accident?

The Phuket News

Kurt | 18 May 2017 - 16:50:19

Nice that PN placed my comment about student-activist Jatupat. A man who stands for freedom of speech and writing.
BangkokPost has today a article about it + many comments.

What is a question for me is: Why are Benz racing ( drugs involvement) and Boss Redbull ( killed a policeman) walking many years free, and a student who advocate international recognized  human rights is locked up?

The Phuket News

Kurt | 18 May 2017 - 14:57:23

@ Sam hayman:  I hope PN is able to publish that the Thai law student-activist Jatupat, arrested and locked up for a article on Facebook, getting S.Korean most prestigious Human Right Award.

The Phuket News

Christy Sweet | 18 May 2017 - 12:38:00

As neither driver could safely avoid what was in front of them, seems both were tailgating which is a fairly standard operating procedure on Thai roads. Now which bad driver was more at fault for the death? The man who lost control of the machine he was operating would be my view, especially since he was operating an inherently dangerous vehicle with a particularly precious passenger.

The Phuket News

jogi | 18 May 2017 - 12:08:31

kurt, sorry I don't see the truckdriver is guilty in any way. the woman fell from a bike right in front of the truck and was run over. she was kill'd BY THIS TRUCK DRIVEN BY THIS TRUCKDRIVER. was this truckdriver speeding, drunk, without proper driverslicense???
non of this i get from the press.don't know where is any guilt by the truckdriver. because he went to work on this day of the accident??? like foreiners involved, but in no way guilty for a accident, was told by RTP, (you guilty, because if you never come to thailand this accident would never happen) this is no fairy tale, it was recorded time ago on two events by dashcam. kurt, i just hope for me and for you that never a person (farrang or thai) fall right in front of our car with no chance for us to stop in time. but in a case like that, feel free to declair yourself guilty. I would feel free to sue for damage to my car      

The Phuket News

ematt | 18 May 2017 - 11:23:24

Regarding blocked comments, glad to see PN is exercising some editorial discretion. 

The Phuket News

Kurt | 18 May 2017 - 11:06:46

@ Sam hayman:  I guess when PN blocks once in a while a reaction or comment that is for reasons of protection.
To 'balance' Freedom of publishing, speech, is these days not easy for newspapers.
Blocking a readers comment by a newspaper could be for reason to protect the writer of problems as well.(?)

We live in strange times, seen how present government is criticizing Facebook about certain photos and articles.  Material what not receive critics of Governments of other countries.

The Phuket News

Sam hayman | 18 May 2017 - 09:06:04

Some of my comments have also been blocked. 

Time to find a new Phuket online news paper as the is disrespecting freedom of speech and personal opinion!

The Phuket News

Foot | 17 May 2017 - 19:53:08

“...Both men are being held responsible for the death..."
It will be interesting to see if both men get the same penalty.
British guy crashed bike, but, both survived.  Truck then ran over and killed her.  Who is the real killer?

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