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American woman in complaint dispute over Thai neighbor's early-morning roosters

PHUKET: An American woman in Cherng Talay who has been woken up by her Thai neighbor's roosters crowing in the early morning hours over the past month, is not content with local police's suggestion to simply close her doors and windows so as to filter out the noise.

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Eakkapop Thongtub

Sunday 22 November 2015, 10:27AM

Responding to a complaint by local villagers, officers yesterday paid a visit to the house of 54-year-old Ms Christy Sweet in Cherng Talay's Moo 6 locale.

Police said that villagers had made complaints that the American woman had been causing a nuiciance by honking her scooter horn and making loud banging sounds in recent early mornings.

The officers were also looking into whether the smell of horse manure on the woman's property is an issue for neighbors downwind. 

“Elderly and handicapped residents have been affected by the annoying [woman],” said Cherng Talay Police Chief, Colonel Sermkwan Nimit.

The complaint is only the latest escelation of a domestic dispute between the American woman, who looks after ponies on the property, and a Thai man, Mr Prasit Jumpada, 45, who recently built two chicken coops on his adjacent rubber plantation.

In a complaint submitted to the Phuket Provincial Public Health office and the Damroangtham Centre (provincial omsbudman), Ms Sweet wrote "I have made additional and initial complaint to [the government complaint] 1111 center [hotline on]  Nov 11 regarding police inaction against the neighbor whose roosters installed in two locations,(to circumvent small private holdings rules of under 50 birds), 25  and 30 meters from my house (and 150 meters from his) [that] wake me up at about 4:15 am consistently, for over one  month now."

Ms Sweet asserts that aside from the chickens affecting her right to rest at dawn, that they are in violation of noise nuciance laws. However, local authorities have yet to see it that way. 

Ms Sweet says she was visited by officers on November 17, who informed her that "Number 1 police head called and tells us to make Mr Prasit move the roosters..."

However, after three days of inaction, Ms Sweet says the local police changed their position, that her Thai neighbor was within his rights and did not have to move his roosters at night.

“The tourist woman complained about constantly being woken up by Mr Prasit's chickens, which he raises in a coop about 50 meters from the house that the woman rents,” said Col Sermkwan.

C and C Marine

“We told her to close her windows and doors in the morning. It's natural for chickens [roosters to make noise] in the morning,” said Col Sermkwan.

Mr Narong Pabara, a sanatation researcher employed by the Cherng Talay sub district administration organisation assigned by the Phuket Provincial Health Office to follow up on Ms Christy's complaints, concurred with officers that Mr Prasit was not doing anything illegal.

“Pr Prasit is permitted to raise chickens in the traditional efficiency economy Thai way, but not in a farm format or for any commercial purposes. His coop is in a 'green zone' in that it is a few kilometres away from a community [center],” concluded Mr Narong.

Meanwhile, Ms Christy will continue to press her case, hoping for different results via the government complaint centre hotline (1111).

On her public Facebook feed yesterday, she wrote, “This afternoon, some nice uniformed men ... stopped by my house along with two local officers, one of whom I have made a complaint against –being unprofessional in conduct concerning the complaint I have made against the neighbor, Mr Prasit, whose roosters – installed 30 meters from my house and 150 meters from his – wake me up at about 4: 15 am consistently, for over a month now ...

“I did get a bit suspicious [about the investigating officers] when they remarked a pile of manure 20 meters downwind from them gave off a terrible stench and the rooster owning neighbors 150 meters away might complain. They weren’t really prepared for me asking them to leave my property...

“They also were a bit fazzled by the fact the Provincial Health authority has visited my property, already ascertaining there is no smell and btw I’m now on the phone to the Central Govt Complaint call center ( 1111 ) where I've filed two separate complaints on the local govt and police to uphold the law, and am now making a third and they’d like to talk to one of you.

"I am a light sleeper, I've  lived alone for many years , I am sensitive to noises, as someone may be trying to break into  my home, or the ponies may be sick, rolling to death  with a colic illness or breaking down fences and getting out."

Ms Sweet also asserts that her Thai neighbors have set off fireworks to spook her ponies. 



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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Christy Sweet | 19 October 2016 - 09:40:39

Yes Ted, Here's an update- Apparently Mr. Rooster didn't pay his rent and got evicted!! The coop, which was actually intended to be a cock fighting establishment and not a "home farm.." has been empty for almost 6 months.
 Mr Rooster's brother however-a bit further away, thankfully-has put in a small  farm raising all manner of birds such as geese and ducks in addition to chickens and the every crowing roosters, but it is not nearly as close to me nor are those birds waking me at 3 am. In sweet irony, closer neighbors to that installation who joined together in castigating me over my initial complaint, now have  50 + birds (only 20 are allowed on a home farm) defecating all over their porches, salas, digging up their gardens, and otherwise being a nuisance, so much so that the owner has begun to get rid of some of the birds. 

The Phuket News

Ted Nguyen | 16 July 2016 - 15:58:06

Did this ever get resolved?

The Phuket News

Christy Sweet | 30 November 2015 - 21:09:51

Quotes from Grr; "...go back to the cesspit from whence you emerged..... BTW it's easy to gather why you are single, an absolute harridan... This woman is mad...arrogant moron." No libel or slander there, eh ? No wonder "Grr" is afraid to use his real name.

The Phuket News

christysweet | 30 November 2015 - 20:50:34

Grr (why so anonymous now?) You bet comments about murder on my facebook page will get deleted and get the author banned as well as your suggestions I should have simply  poisoned the animals.  Read the article here, names are all mentioned, pics are online,  and the libel may well be against me as no smell complaint  has ever been filed  in four years of my residing and keeping ponies on the property. I've already laid a complaint with the Provincial police, Damrungtum center and the 1111 contact center. If you know of anyone else I  can forward the complaint to, I'd like to know. As far  as bringing attention to the facebook page- thanks. 

The Phuket News

Foot | 30 November 2015 - 18:04:52

Ms Sweet.
I didn't call you any names.  I merely pointed out that "... Persistent and continuous pleading your case does nothing, but, make you appear as an arrogant angry shrew..."   You have validated this statement.

The Phuket News

grr | 30 November 2015 - 13:18:50

This woman is mad. She libels the Thai officials & her neighbour (posting  pic. depicting him with a chook's head)and ranting about Thais ignoring laws. We all know laws here are not enforced so get over it or leave. 
I posted on her libelous f/book page advising her that she is breaching libel laws and the computer crimes act. So she deleted the chook head pic. of her neighbour and then deleted my posts as she only wants agreeance with her crusade.
However I, as I told her I would, took screenshots of the f/b page prior to her editing, and screen shots of the comments on this site and have forwarded all to relevant authorities.
I think this arrogant moron is soon going to be up to her neck in criminal charges. Her hubris has deafened & blinded her to any common sense. Maybe the 'exceptional people' declaration from Amerika has given her armoured plating. 
Anyway, soon the ponies will need to be fed as she won't be able to do it from inside the monkey house.

The Phuket News

christysweet | 30 November 2015 - 10:55:22

Jeremy 50, already have  fans running, and AC, the home simply is not vacuum sealed and loud noises like roosters get through. Besides the  problem is not my house, but from Mr Prasit ignoring laws about 4 am  noise, and placing roosters near me and far away from his own home, and of course the lack of local govt and police enforcement.  I think potential villa owners up the street should know Mr Prasit or others can put a rooster next to their home, and no one will enforce the law. Maybe best not to invest in homes on Phuket. 

Mr Foot, name calling makes your post seem childish and tends to invalidate your point.  

The Phuket News

grr | 30 November 2015 - 09:08:02

Yes the Thai neighbour is a selfish ahole but whining to local govt/police won't achieve anything. You should have visited him with a bottle of Scotch and a local mediator first.
He now has no opportunity to save face now and will want revenge - no kreng jai for you. You have lived here long enough to know how it works. 
Who gives a toss how it's done in Amerika, or the moon for that matter, you're here and must adapt or die. And die you will if you keep sticking your arrogant head out. They will shoot you... no ploblem.
Move house or go back to the cesspit from whence you emerged.
BTW it's easy to gather why you are single, an absolute harridan.

The Phuket News

jeremy50 | 29 November 2015 - 19:55:14

Oh no. You haven't heard of white noise? If you have, why are you not using it? 2 fans, or 3 even will drown out the kind of noise problem you have. Also install sound proofing, a home center will be able to help you. Good luck, I love horses too.

The Phuket News

Foot | 28 November 2015 - 23:04:18

C'mon, Ms. Sweet, give it a rest.
You've shown your displeasure.  You've profusely stated your case.  But, when all is said and done, you're simply not going to win your case.
I'm not suggesting, as many have, you leave Thailand.  This is your home now.  I get it.  But, as such, you have to accept the whole TIT thing and move on.  Persistent and continuous pleading your case does nothing, but, make you appear as an arrogant angry shrew.

The Phuket News
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